The Queen and Other Such Queenly Matters

After a full day of British museums in London, Les and I were off to the theatre district to meet Doreen and see Helen Mirren in “The Audience.” Due to D’s busy work schedule, L and I wandered around Piccadilly Circus and ate at a Chinese restaurant in what is London’s little Chinatown. I am so spoiled by being raised in San Francisco and frequently visiting the huge Chinatown there that any other just pales in comparison. The one in Victoria, B.C. is about 2 blocks long and they even have a grand gate at the entrance which always humors me. London’s Chinatown had a couple of gates in what appear to be about a 4 block radius.















The short run (through July, I think) play “The Queen” was, of course because of Helen Mirren and the writer, witty and smart. There were rarely more than two people on stage, the “Queen” and one of the many prime ministers she met with, on a regular basis, for decades during her reign. The actors who portrayed the PM’s were also brilliant bringing the audience to several robust guffaws throughout the two hours. If you like the silliness which can arise around politics and sovereign reigns, you’ll enjoy this play. The historical accuracy also made it worthwhile.

The last time I went to the theatre in London was 11 years ago when we saw “The Lion King.” And, it’s still playing…terrific piece of work.

In keeping with the theme of royalty and politics, the next day was going to prove to be memorable with a visit to Parliament.


6 thoughts on “The Queen and Other Such Queenly Matters

  1. The architecture is beautiful.  The crowds overwhelming!!!  I think I would have opted for the Steak House.

    • You may want to think twice about that…horse meat has been making an entrance on the Euro meat scene.

      • But the horse meat is in mixed dishes–I think they would have a harder time passing off a steak of horse flank.
        But horse is actually not bad & is supposed to be rather healthy–and just think: no mad cow disease! Once one gets past the taboo that our society has built against eating it, I think you’d hardly no the difference…

      • Perhaps…but still makes me cringe to think of eating a horse. Yes, horsemeat is lower in fat, apparently.

  2. I love British theatre!!! Best part about being a student in London was the theatre discounts. That meant I could be broke yet still go to a minimum of 1 play a week and, often, more!

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